Now offering PRESS ON nails from Nails by MS. CANDY BLOG

Light Pink Nails with AB Crystals on Sheer Illusion Glove by Nails by Ms. Candy Blog

Nail Gloves by Candy

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Light Pink Polish Nails with AB Crystals on Nude Illusion Glove by Nail Gloves by Candy

Light Pink Nails with AB Crystals on Sheer Illusion Glove by Nails by Ms. Candy Blog

 Press on nails and nail gloves by Ms. Candy Blog presents its first line of nails, perfect weddings, bat mitzvahs, quinceanera, sweet 16 or prom! Nails have been designed and styled to look like your own nails, but even better.

Light pink nails are surrounded by AB crystals on sheer illusion gloves. Sheer illusion gloves are covered with AB crystals.

You'll work that room and sparkle the night away!



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