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Nails by Ms. Candy Blog FAQs

How do I put on my nail gloves?
Nail gloves are delicate as they are made from the same material as pantyhose.  Be sure to remove all jewelry before putting on nails.  It is recommended you put them on last after the rest of your ensemble.  Roll up the gloves like you would pantyhose; bring each finger slowly over your own; then fix the nails as you see fit.  Get your glitz on!

Can I wash my nail gloves?
While some gloves are washable, these are not.  

How do I put on my press on nails?
Press on nails maybe put on several ways.  One is to use the enclosed glue tabs by placing it on your nail area and then affixing the nail to what then is your stick nail area.  Others like to use nail glue.  And some like to take their Ms. Candy Blog press ons to the nail salon for professional application. 

Do you take custom orders?
Yassss! We love custom orders and bringing your dream to life.  Drop us a note at and we'll reach out to you to get the ball rolling.  Please note pricing will vary depending on what you'd like.

HELP! I need gloves ASAP!
We are here to help! Just send us a note at and let us know what you need.  Please know a rush charge will be incurred.

Who are you?
Ms. Candy Blog created a world filled with sweetness and sparkle to bring happiness to herself and others.  Nails by Ms. Candy Blog is one of the projects the award nominated YouTuber and best selling writer has created.  You can find her across all social platforms.

How may I contact you?
We can be reached at Our mailing address is 41 Watchung Plaza, #205, Montclair, New Jersey 07042.