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RuPaul’s Drag Con Nail Glove partnership by World of Wonder & Nail Gloves by Candy

RuPaul's Drag Con Nail Glove partnership World of Wonder & Nail Gloves by Candy, Ms. Candy Blog

RuPaul’s Drag Con Los Angeles hits the Los Angeles Convention Center Memorial Day weekend (May 24 - May 26) for its fifth year.  This year, World of Wonder’s gathering of RuPaul’s Drag Race fans will be able to own their very own branded RuPaul’s Drag Con glove as the production company partners with Ms. Candy Blog’s Nail Gloves by Candy.  The product is the creation of Ms. Candy Blog, who was part of World of Wonder’s WOW Presents MCN on YouTube after reviewing the RuPaul candy bar. One size fits most, the limited edition, handcrafted sheer illusion glove features hot pink nails and a pink RuPaul’s Drag Con logo on the arm. Each glove features a set of hand polished nails attached to a glove, hand stamped by Candy, as Ms. Candy Blog likes to be called. You can snatch your pair by visiting booth 1546 at RuPaul’s Drag Con or contacting Nail Gloves by Candy at Nail Gloves by Candy will also be featuring discounts on 17 other style nail gloves during RuPaul’s Drag Con. Get them before they “Sashay Away”!

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