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Nails by Ms. Candy Blog's Owner, Ms. Candy Blog: In Her Own Words

“Nail gloves? What are nail gloves?”  

Nail gloves are just what they sound like: gloves with acrylic nails.

After talking with RuPaul about the future of drag at RuPaul’s Drag Con in 2017, I decided to create a book for the LGBT youth where they could see themselves and know there were other people out there just like them. It was then that I discovered nail gloves were not being made for this particular talent pool. Therefore, I decided to make handcrafted nail gloves for children only; I didn’t want anyone to think I was coming for their clientele--I’m not.  Since then, I’ve gloved some of the biggest names in child drag queens. My creations have appeared in magazines, television and film, and have traveled as far as the UK, Spain, and Australia.

Getting accolades isn’t exactly why I started in with this nail art or “drag queen nails”, as they’ve been called.  I’ve always wanted to have something I could create. I’ve always been somewhat creative, but not in the manner that I can sew--give me glue and I seem to manage.  This glove thing I’m doing has been a great artistic outlet and at times, has provided me the opportunity to relieve stress. You see, my mom has been battling cancer for a little while.  Things aren’t easy when someone you love is coming apart right in front of your eyes. So making these gloves have been a nice distraction for me and my mom, who always wants to know what’s going on: “Did ya sell any gloves,” she asks.  “What color did they want?” “Did they get the gloves?” “Did they like them?” I told you it was a good distraction!

It's been a full year since I began working on gloves with nails.  While the world has “discovered” RuPaul’s Drag Race after 11 seasons, it seems like the nail glove phenomenon is still pretty much one which has been undiscovered.  My brand of gloves was accepted into HSN’s American Dreams Academy, delighting a number of leads at the company.  Now a producer on a World of Wonder project, it looks like these "drag queen gloves" are here to stay.

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