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Blondie's Debbie Harry's Bee Nail Gloves

Blondie's Debbie Harry has a love for all things bees! So when it came time to create nails/gloves for the music icon and Warholian muse, Nails by Ms. Candy Blog got busy like bees! The queen of punk's nail gloves got the royal treatment, using all Swarovski Golden Shadow stones on a black illusion glove.  

Rhinestones were strategically placed to form bees.  Bees cover the arms and fingers of the gloves with an intricate pattern covering the tops of the fingernails. 

 Bee Nail Gloves for Blondie Debbie Harry from Nails by Ms Candy Blog

As this set of gloves was created for a performer who would be using her hands quite a bit, the undersides of the nails were also covered with rhinestones.  

Bee Nail Gloves for Blondie Debbie Harry from Nails by Ms Candy Blog back


The word on social media is other rockin' royals like these bee-inspired gloves as well.  Queen's latest singer Adam Lambert tapped Blondie's gloves on Instagram after his phenomenal performance at the Global Citizen festival.  We'd love to create something for Glambert!



For inquiries into Debbie Harry's bee nail gloves or to share your sparkly dreams, please feel free to email We'd love to make your nail dreams come to life!










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